Oregon WIC

Shopping with eWIC

Who to call for help

Call your WIC clinic if…

  • You have questions about WIC foods or amounts
  • You were not able to buy a food that you think is WIC approved

Call eWIC Customer Service at 1-844-234-4946 if…

  • Your card is lost, stolen or damaged
  • You need to reset or change your PIN
  • You think your receipt doesn’t match what you bought

Setting your PIN

Before using your eWIC card the first time, you must pick a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your card.

Set your PIN by calling eWIC Customer Service at 1-844-234-4946 or by logging onto www.ebtedge.com


Using your eWIC card

You can use your eWIC card just like a debit card.

Don’t forget, you still need your Food List know which brands and sizes are allowed. The food list comes in multiple languages.

Protecting your eWIC card